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    Luca Town

    Luca Town is located on the west of Qinhan Avenue, Jinghe New City (Xixian New District--Century Avenue) and is just on the north-south axle of Xi’an city. Covering an area of 1,046 mu, the gross floor area of the project is 1.5 million ㎡. As the project is developed in several phases, the gross floor area of phase 1 of the project is 60,000 ㎡. The project borrows the style of Italian royal palaces for its design with detached villa and townhouses as the main feature. A combination of the houses and the landscape of the exterior lends more beauty to the residential community. The composite-oriented houses can meet various kinds of needs. Luca Town is home to an world-level wetland park which covers 1000 mu. The unique “one river-two lakes” layout allows the residents to get close the nature. A cluster of amenities guarantee ease of life. The natural wetland landscape avenue gives a genuine feeling of an European town. Luca Town is the model for world-level villa residential community of Xi’an.

    Cheuk Sun Service (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. (Xi’an branch) started to offer routine cleaning services for Luca Town on March 24, 2014.

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