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    Zhongguancun Metropolis Tower

    Zhongguancun Metropolis Tower shopping mall covers an area of 100,000 ㎡ with 6 floors on the ground and 4 floors underground. The underground parking lot has a total of 529 parking spaces. Located at the prime area of west Zhongguancun, the shopping mall adjoins Danleng Street on the south, Zhongguancun Avenue on the east and 500-year-old Haidianxie Street on the north (Zhongguancun Plaza pedestrian street). The combination of ancient culture with modern commercial flavor offers consumers a unique feeling and experience. Convenient transportation is a striking feature of the shopping mall which can be easily reached by Metro lines 10 or 4. Shoppers living far away can take advantage of the 80-plus bus lines to get to the shopping mall.

    Cheuk Sun Service (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. (Beijing branch) started new building cleaning for Zhongguancun Metropolis Tower and its shopping mall in July 2009 and took over the routine cleaning work on August 5, 2009 with over 100 employees deployed on-site.

    • Region
    • Beijing
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    • Commercial Plaza

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