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    Yiyuan Tower

    Yiyuan Tower is situated at villa residential area of Shanghai which is on Huaihuai Road and Huashan Road. Adjacent to Jiuguan Department   Store, Meimei Department Store, Jinjiang Dickson Center and Hilton Hotel, Yiyuan is unique in its charm and geographic advantage. As a 29-floor upscale apartment, Yiyuan is spacious inside, either one household having three lifts or two households sharing three lifts. With large window and low windowsill, it offers panoramic view of the luxury of Shanghai. Each unit of Yiyuan is over 200 ㎡ with fine design and materials creating a resplendent atmosphere. It also has a 1,364㎡ private club.

    Services demanded: routine cleaning of apartment building.
    Client: Shanghai Qishi Property Management Co.,Ltd.
    Location: No.168, Anfu Road, Shanghai.
    Gross floor area: 30,000 ㎡.
    Property type: apartment building.

    • Region
    • Shanghai
    • Category
    • Residential

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